Надпись Merry Christmas

Надпись Merry Christmas! Дизайн доступен в 3 размерах: 200 x 128, 182×81, 97×61 мм.
Цена 200 руб. (за 3 размера)
The price is $2  (for 3 design)
Lettering Merry Christmas! Design for machine embroidery. The design is made in 3 different sizes: 200 x 128, 182×81, 97×61 mm. Files for different machines are available for download. The design is lightweight from the lines along the contour, can be used for knitwear. The design is created with a minimum number of broaches and scraps. This inscription you can use in combination with other designs or independently. Congratulate your family and friends on Christmas, give them unique gifts with your embroidery. Let them remember this holiday for a long time. Even a small inscription on a festive napkin will decorate your home. Give gifts — it’s so like people!

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